Core Hindsight Launch

Just three months following the Royal Commission Findings being handed down, we launched our latest product offering supporting Audit and Governance activities called Core Hindsight. Microsoft sponsored the events both in Sydney and Melbourne, and we had the pleasure of Deborah Young (CEO – Regtech Association), Aman Lodha (Cloud Solutions Microsoft), Danielle Ryan (General Manager – Strategy, Marketing & Business Change) & Alistair Carlson (Head of Execution & Operations – Retail Strategy Change and Support) Bank of Queensland support us at the events as speakers.

The Royal Commission highlighted a number of key issues including;

  1. A lack of comprehensive governance activities to highlight systemic errors or loopholes;
  2. Activities being ad-hoc, random and even at times results showing gaps not being followed through to resolution;
  3. Human behavioural issues which were either not monitored or not actioned;
  4. Policies which were in place without any objective assessment as to whether they were appropriate;
  5. Disparate systems not ‘talking to each other’ in a manner that can ensure a single source of truth or data keyed items flowing through to other important systems for consistent recording of customer positions.

Our Core Hindsight offering solves these needs, ensuring that comprehensive sampling is a function of each and every review, and targeted sampling is also available instantly for any urgent needs or potential issues that arise. It manages the workflow of the governance teams and ensures all information is recorded in one place as a single source of truth, recorded historically for instant retrieval in seconds. It also provides comprehensive reporting and dashboards for ongoing monitoring and management visibility to prevent ‘surprises’ and allow real-time insights to be gained at any moment.

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