Revolutionising enterprise software

We started with a simple question

Technology evolves so quickly that most of us are happy to upgrade our devices every year. Why should enterprise software be any different?

The Status Quo

Traditionally, companies invest millions in enterprise software, and then keep it for years and years to get the most value from their investment.

The reality is that software becomes a liability if it cannot be replaced or upgraded easily. It cannot keep up with the evolution of technology.

This prevents the company from embracing better options when they come around. It suffocates innovation and puts the brakes on rapid change, essential qualities for businesses to survive in the contemporary world.

We set out to come up with a better alternative and engineer it into reality.

And a radical idea

A company’s investment in a software platform should never be greater than its ability to dispose of it in 12 months.

Proving it is possible

Economic barrier:

reducing cost

Regularly disposing of software is viable only if the upfront investment is radically reduced. So we created a proprietary platform that automates development and can assemble software in only a fraction of the usual time.

Psychological barrier:

reducing effort

Regularly disposing of software is hard for decision-markers unless their effort is greatly reduced. So we engineered our platform to rebuild itself, erasing the old and bringing in the new whenever we find better ways without any effort from our clients.

We continue growing

From our first projects in 2015, we’ve grown to have customer-facing staff servicing tier one enterprises in a range of industries across Australia and Asia.


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