Case Study - Audience Precision

The challenge:

Audience Precision is a media agency that leverages its proprietary technology to help businesses optimize their marketing by targeting the right customers, via the right channels, at precisely the right time.

This technology-driven precision helps businesses eliminate wasted marketing spend, improve customer experience, and drive long-term customer loyalty. They engaged Clear Dynamics to take this capability to the next level.

To create a system that would allow a user with only minimal media buying experience to design and plan a successful advertising campaign. It would include:

  • A client-facing advertising requirements form
  • An intuitive, step-by-step, campaign builder
  • Integration of an algorithm that facilitated successful campaigns
  • Detailed reports of each phase of the campaign
  • A bulk data importer


The solution: Precise 360

A campaign, which previously could take up to a month to prepare, can now be completed in only a few days. Precise 360 allows Audience Precision to:

  • Quickly gather requirements from clients
  • Effectively utilise their unique method of categorising demographics
  • Ensure successful campaigns by using an algorithm that shows exactly how successful an advertisement will be to any specific demographic
  • Track the results of a campaign from its creation to well after it has completed through detailed reporting