Case Study - Bank of Queensland

Working with the team at Clear Dynamics has been a great experience. They take complex, inefficient business processes and very quickly turn them into smart, simple-to-use software solutions. They have made a real difference to our business.

Danielle Ryan General Manager, Product, Strategy & Marketing Bank of Queensland

Three challenges to better banking:

1. Loan Originations

Bank of Queensland engaged Clear Dynamics to provide a Commercial Loan Origination Solution to support their growing commercial lending business and minimise the potential for operational risks.

The Clear Dynamics Core Finance Commercial Loan solution is now the primary application used by BOQ Business Banking staff to manage loan applications across the commercial application and submission lifecycle.


To automate, simplify and streamline BOQ’s commercial lending sales and approval processes and increase the associated controls for monitoring, tracking and reporting.

  • Automation of manual applications
  • Updated reporting, tracking and controls
  • Reduction in rework on loan applications
  • Addressing any operational risk

Core Solutions

Core Finance Commercial Loan
  • Commercial submissions: enabling consistency
  • Workflow: reducing the processing time caused by managing physical files
  • Pricing approvals: replacing the manual process to waive or discount fees or margins
  • Reporting: providing insight into turnaround times and sales pipeline/s.

2. CRM

A standardised, centralised platform for managing BOQ’s sales opportunities through branch, call centre and business banking channels (CRM). This included the need for reporting, forecasting and workflow.


  • Provide a customised platform enabling users across multiple channels to enter sales opportunities at the first point of contact
  • Ability to assign sales leads to multiple users across the network
  • Deliver robust reporting for insights into the lifecycles of sales
  • Provide forecasting capabilities to allow for business planning for sales and settlements
  • Improve communication within network
  • Reduce manual processes

Core Solutions

Core Prospects CRM
  • Sales Pipeline Management
  • Retail and Branch Referrals
  • Campaign Management
  • Pipeline Tracking
Core Companion
  • Product creation
  • Commercial and Retail
  • Loans, Cards, Accounts
Core Customer
  • Customer Single View
  • Document Verification
  • Account Creation, Biometrics

3. Smart Doc Hub

A comprehensive automated document generation and management capability solution within the BOQ Commercial Loans business.


  • Provide a template library of document templates with controlled layout
  • Launch templates from within current Originations platform (CLOE)
  • Ability to generate multiple documents and validate data
  • Enable functionality to review documents against previous version
  • View full audit trail history
  • Ability to author, manage and update documents fragments within the library
  • Reduce manual processes

Core Solutions

Smart Doc Hub
  • Template Management
  • Document generation
  • Contextual Redaction
  • Document Personalisation