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Commercial Banking

Our Core Finance Commercial Loan origination solution automates, simplifies and streamlines sales and approvals while increasing lending controls, monitoring, tracking and reporting.

Business staff can seamlessly manage:

  • commercial lending submissions
  • commercial documentation requests
  • pricing approvals
  • credit approvals.

End-to-end business loan origination and management made simple

Party role model management

Leverage our flexible architecture to create non-hierarchical relationships between entities involved in complex commercial deals including multiple borrowing entities, facilities and groups. Simplify associations so the appropriate values can be easily assigned to a view of relationships, reducing loan business analyst requirements and exposure to risk.

Digital loan application

  •  guarantee a consistent loan application experience, while avoiding the confusion created by multiple versions.
  • automate form element behaviour to ensure business rules are adhered to
  • enable authorised business users to edit, manage, and optimize submission forms and reference data
  • replace manual processes with a highly configurable and automated workflow at every stage
  • eliminate inefficiencies and the risk of losing files by removing the need for email, print outs or snail mail.

Beneficial Ownership Management module

Ensure staff adhere to AUSTRAC ‘Beneficial Owner’ regulations when onboarding simple or complex company structures. Leverage our automated business rules to trigger ‘Day Two’ workflow verification for shareholders over 25% or named office holders.   

Covenants management

  • enable recording and governance of commercial loans and related securities
  • manage customer covenants and conditions within a centralised register that’s natively embedded in your Commercial Loan origination process
  • ensures visibility of covenants or condition waivers, extensions or policy exemptions
  • provide automated alerts and controls for loan covenants and conditions.


Empower authorised business users to create new reports or modify pre-configured dashboards providing: 

  • real time data on individual ‘inflight’ applications and/or on the current state of each application
  • detailed reporting on loan application turnarounds or sales pipeline/s
  • audit trails for automated tracking and logging of required historical data
  • identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies in the application workflow
  • modify existing reports or create new ones for rich, meaningful analysis.

Pricing approvals management

Easily approve or submit applications through an auditable and highly configurable workflow to waive or discount fees and margins.

Case Study

Commercial Loan Origination

Our Commercial Loan solution is providing BOQ’s business banking staff with automated management of commercial loan applications and submissions.  

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