Find a better way to integrate

Core Companion rather than Core Replacement

Integrate with Core Companion to extend the life of your legacy core systems with a modern front-end interface for new product creation. Core Companion avoids the risk and cost of replacing end-of-life systems while providing a roadmap to ‘hollow out’ your core.

Resolve core system limitations by abstracting away complex business logic and product rules from your core system. Leverage our Core Companion integration layer for input and output streams to and from your core, with no system or end-user impact.

Overcome core system limitations with Core Companion

  • dynamic repayment calculation logic and schedule generation
  • event reconciliation
  • new product creation
  • core system integration management 

Event scheduling

Core Companion Integration allows temporal ‘event scheduling’ for processing future streams of event data. The scheduler elegantly enables dynamic repayment schedules and corresponding interest payments.

Event streaming

Leverage Core Companion event streaming to identify meaningful patterns by detecting relationships between:

  • multiple events
  • event correlation
  • event hierarchies
  • causality
  • timing and more.

Micro services

Core Finance solutions can integrate with REST based APIs published into Swagger and leveraged by Core Finance for testing and development purposes to configure outcomes fit for deployment into your enterprise environment.

Why Swagger?

Swagger allows us to build reference implementations which provide the ‘scaffolding’ for runtime services. With Swagger you can write your own services with integration stubs to enable fully functional implementations. Clear Dynamics Swagger services scaffolding also allows for integration with your ‘best-of-breed’ Enterprise Service Bus.

Empowering Banking + Finance

Core Finance solutions empower Australia’s leading brands with:

  • billions of dollars transacted
  • millions of accounts serviced
  • thousands of customers onboarded
  • thousands of Core Finance users empowered
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Working with the team at Clear Dynamics has been a great experience. They take complex, inefficient business processes and very quickly turn them into smart, simple-to-use software solutions. They have made a real difference to our business.

Danielle Ryan Head of Operations & Process Excellence Bank of Queensland