Latitude Financial Services
Case Study

Latitude Financial Services

Clear Dynamics’ close working relationship with Latitude Financial Services has produced significant, innovative outcomes from In-Store Retail Loan Origination solutions to Debt Securitisation and Case Management.

Our Fraud Case Management solution leveraged the Core Finance module accelerators to provide commercial grade capability for Latitude from day one.

Fraud case management

Our solution for Latitude delivers new benefits to staff every day. 

Project purpose

Latitude’s Financial Services team was being challenged by a rapidly expanding volume of Fraud claims and transactions. The project was tasked with automating claims case management while reducing overheads and operational costs to meet the operations plan.

The challenge

To provide a faster, cheaper, more efficient and effective case management solution that, wherever possible, automates manual data entry and the Chargeback process. Latitude’s legacy case management tools had gaps which hindered staff productivity and case output. These end-of-life tools had support issues and technical limitations with little scope for expansion.

The solution

Our fast, efficient and effective Case Management solution automates data entry for processing claims and the Chargeback process including automated:

  • case queue management
  • integration with AI fraud detection
  • SMS notification upon receipt of claims with templated responses.

The outcome

Our rapid and successful implementation has realised Latitude ‘s goals ahead of schedule.

Empowering banking + finance

Core Finance solutions empower Australia’s leading brands with:

  • billions of dollars transacted
  • millions of accounts serviced
  • thousands of customers onboarded
  • thousands of Core Finance users empowered.
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It was a pleasure working with Clear Dynamics to rapidly deliver a Fraud Case Management solution that addressed all of our challenges from day one, while also providing increased value to our team every month.  We have more than achieved our vision for this project and look forward to working with Clear Dynamics in the future to continue our journey of delivering successful outcomes for Latitude.

Martin Engberg Operations Manager Latitude Financial Services