Operations Management for Banking and Financial Services

Operations Management

Our operations management solutions include an extensive suite of highly configurable accelerator modules that natively communicate with all Core Finance modules and can be integrated with any of your existing enterprise systems. Modules can be deployed onsite or in the cloud. Reporting on data within and across the Core Finance suite enables managers to gain unprecedented organisational insight.

Our operation management suite consists of:

  • risk management
  • debt securitisation
  • fraud management
  • operations dashboards
  • document management
  • case management.

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Debt Securitisation

Improve your funding structure to increase the stability of your funding profile and reduce fund raising costs.
Instantly realise substantial operational and reporting efficiencies amongst key parties. Allow Treasury to query information within the Securitisation data store and update it with account eligibility overrides, tag populations and/or events. Provide a reporting mechanism for funding receivables portfolios such as mortgage debts, loans and credit card balances.

Core Finance Dashboards

Provide your business with infinitely rich, meaningful and real-time analytics. Enjoy an intuitive drag-and-drop interface to make dashboard design significantly easier. Natively leverage data from any Core Finance module, regardless of how complex the source, to create or modify existing reports.

Risk Management

Provide a simple interface for users to quickly report incidents or record a risk. Customise your organisational risk matrix to reflect internal policies while leveraging industry standards. Automate risk alerts to ensure you meet both internal and legislative benchmarks. Get an instant view into a business units risk profile to help informed trend analysis, decision making and action progress. Make risk audit reports simple through communication with our Smart Doc Hub template document management module.

Document Management

Store, collaborate, author and search for templates and documents in any format with our Smart Doc Hub. 
Natively access documents and data from all Core Finance modules, reducing document management to one seamless solution. From generating documents to managing templates and attachments, document management is secure, accessible and automatic. Allow authorized users to simply fill in the template placeholders to quickly generate branded reports, documents and agreement schedules, saving you time and reducing errors.

Fraud Case Management

The simple workflow logic of our Fraud Case Management solution allows:

  •  auto allocation providing a defined criterion to allocate cases to users and tracking case workload
  • form pre-population, so users can update, match or cross verify with database for similarities in other cases
  • automated integration with AI fraud detection systems
  • automated processing of specific fraud cases based on criteria
  • simple customer claim view for details and transaction information
  • holding or filtering of cases and queue work based on available settlement data
  • automated SMS notification upon claim receipt with templated responses.

Case Study - Latitude Financial Services

Case Management

Our fast, efficient and effective Case Management module automates Latitudes data entry for Fraud claims and ‘Chargebacks’ reducing overheads and operational costs.

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