Core Enterprise Industry Solutions

Metadata driven

We redefine the language of each organization by mapping their enterprise domain as metadata, understanding its needs for managing, gathering and storing information.

Fast solutions

Our AI like platform then uses that metadata to provide complete cloud-native enterprise solutions at scale at only a fraction of traditional development, matching the data needs of each organization to our existing solutions.

Unique & flexible outcomes

The modular nature of our platform allows for each outcome to be customised and adapted to each client’s design needs, at a minimal cost.


Enterprise Core

Our powerful metadata driven platform (Enterprise Core) enables us to provide end to end solutions to enterprises in complex industries. The unique nature of our Core solutions is that every solution can be infinitely configured to meet specific business requirements without the traditional risks of bespoke platforms. Leveraging our AI-like platform, we have completely revolutionized the software development lifecycle automating the likes of code generation, configuration, testing, service provisioning, deployment, integration, data management, security, user documents, upgrades & scalability in a platform that can rebuild itself multiple times per day.

Core Finance

Our digital finance and banking platform span’s the entire customer life cycle, complimenting existing legacy systems or replacing core banking solutions.

Core Finance is an end-to-end finance solution that streamlines the customer journey, from omni-channel application/KYC on-boarding, a single view of a customer and products, pricing, complex decisioning, workflow, payment exchange through to servicing and support via the back end office.

Core Finance outcomes to date include full end-to-end digital Loan Origination (Personal, Auto, and Credit Cards), Fraud Case Management, Risk & Compliance solutions, Securitization, CRM, and Secure document management


Core Energy

Our complete cloud-based Customer Acquisition and Management System platform for electricity generators and electricity and gas retailers to run their businesses.

Core Energy provides provide a centralised view of customers and manages all necessary processing including; on-boarding; quoting & flexible pricing structures; market messaging; distribution management; 5-minute meter data & settlement; billing consolidation; servicing; access management and audit trails; as well as flexible organizational structures and user access management.

Like Core Finance, Core Energy also seamlessly integrates to third party providers for identity verification, credit checks, ABN/CAN verification, but also supports meter data, and market data as required.


Core Utilities

Our flexible solution for all Utility use cases that provides a single platform for end to end customer engagement and value delivery.

Core Utilities provides a platform for all necessary servicing requirements, from digital onboarding through to billing and payment acceptance. The platform can support Energy, Telco, Water, and other core service providers and any combination of those services. We provide a single view of customer and billing consolidation across all of the services provided. This single view is provided across the entire end customer life-cycle.

Like Core Energy, Core Utilities also seamlessly integrates to third party providers including supporting meter data and market data where required.

Core Manufacturing

Our Management/ERP platform provide one source of truth for managing a Manufacturing business.

Core Manufacturing simplifies and automates complex and inefficient customer, sales, business & manufacturing process management in order to improve customer satisfaction, sales conversions, and productivity/resource ROI.

Core Manufacturing includes; customer management; quotes engine; product management; orders and sales management; engineering & design; purchasing & procurement; long-running manufacturing workflow management; warranty & customer feedback; scheduling; reporting and analysis. Like our other Industry modules it seamless integrates with 3rd party systems such as CAD design and finance systems for purchasing, invoicing, and dispatch management.




We have embraced a delivery and development methodology based on HyperAgility. We believe the days of agile are now dead, and instead offer an approach that brings together working software from day one driving customer engagement and facilitating conversations at the business level from the start of a project. We believe that legacy platforms will increasingly be replaced by SaaS solutions created by users with little or no need for developers, huge testing teams, or complicated development methodologies.
We are proving this model in complex industries by mapping an enterprise domain as metadata, and our AI-like platform (Enterprise Core) empowers small teams to use that metadata to provide a tailored cloud-native enterprise solution. Effectively, we are letting the business experts decide how their functionality should be built, how it should look, and how it should navigate.