Find a better way to rapidly respond to retail

Retail Banking + Financial Services Modules

Don’t let technology debt hold you back. Our retail suite of pre-packaged accelerator modules integrates with your existing systems so you can get new products to market in line with customer demands and industry trends.

Core Finance provides sophisticated ‘end-to-end’ retail financial services management modules for:

  • product configuration
  • customer acquisition
  • omni-channel applications
  • decisioning
  • onboarding
  • servicing and transactions.

Retail Banking and Financial Services

Automate new financial product creation and exceed customer expectations across:

  • Home Loans
  • Personal Loans
  • Equipment Finance
  • Credit & Pre-paid Cards

Product Configuration module

Want a simpler, agile, light weight way to create new tailored products?  Our Product Creation and Configuration module provides over 60 configurable parameters. Fast and cheap creation of new products is now possible.

Save time by leveraging common financial product form elements to build complex products without any performance issues. Business rules are easily configured and tailored to your business process - no coding required!

Decisioning module

Make it easier to identify the next potential customer and the value of that relationship with our powerful cloud based credit assessment tool. Its flexibility supports multi-bureau calls and integration with historical client or third-party data sets resulting in better decisions and credit risk management.

Our Decisioning module natively communicates with related Scorecard and Dashboard modules, providing a complete customer picture for greater insight into behaviour across product channels. Non-technical business users can configure the Scorecard to quickly reflect organisational policy changes and dynamically generate ‘risk based’ interest rates by leveraging internal customer data and/or external bureaus and services.

Customer Acquisition module

Make sure your maximising every sales opportunity. Enable business staff, retail branch and broker networks to better refer and track deals. Our Customer Acquisition model allows you to:

  • initiate deals that need to be validated before progressing to an opportunity
  • progress deals to an opportunity once there’s enough information for a submission
  • log customer visits and calls or set reminders to call or follow up deals 
  • view each individual lead, opportunity and activity and filter and search for individual items
  • configure management dashboards to view the sales pipeline or get performance overviews for a team, branch or individual.  
  • of a future call or follow up to help progress the deal to funding.
  • tracker view which displays each individual Lead, Opportunity & Activity. Each field can be used to filter and search for individual items which can be exported to Excel.
  • the Dashboard gives a visual summary of the Sales Pipeline. Managers can get an overview of their entire team's performance or drill down to branch or individuals.

Omni-Channel Application

Our applications are optimised for:

  • mobile devices
  • staff assisted view
  • call centre or over the phone support 
  • broker, partner, in branch or in store application views
  • native applications.

Customer Onboarding module

Automate your Know Your Customer (KYC) onboarding process. Leverage AI and our pre-configured integration with third-party KYC services. Enable your staff to simply fulfil external regulatory requirements and internal processes while providing customers with a seamless and rewarding experience. 

  • Customer Journey: View all time-based customer events like onboarding and product application timelines for valuable customer, product and channel insights
  • Account Creation: Create multiple accounts per client with real-time, dynamically generated, loan repayment schedules and related fees over a loan’s life.   
  • Anti-Money Laundering & Counter-Terrorism Financing (AML/CTF): Embed AML/CTF policy into the customer onboarding process to ensure staff are always aware of the relevant ‘Safe Harbor’ policies for each customer type.
  • Document Verification Service (DVS): Upload softcopies or document photographs for verification via our pre-packaged DVS integration.
  • Electronic Proof of Income (ePOI) Gain authorisation to automatically populate a customer’s POI, prompting customer verification and information updates.
  • Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR): Provide automated confirmation of security interests registered over customers personal property via our direct integration with PPSR service.
  • Single View of Customer (SVoC): Determine in real-time customer history with related brands/products. Enable frontline staff to quickly identify up-sell and cross-sell opportunities for individual customers. Provide the tools for management to identify trends across your entire client base.

Transaction Management module

Enjoy easier, faster transaction processing from any source and any channel including:

  • one-time, scheduled or recurring payments
  • centralized payment management
  • multiple types of money transfers
  • arrange purchase creation
  • create and update purchases
  • find purchase transactions
  • extract data into Excel or into downstream systems
  • integrate with payments and collection gateways to open new market channels and reduce transaction costs.


Support multiple CryptoCurrency accounts and transactions online or instore with participating vendors.

Classify transactions: 

‘Grandfather’ product rules on the transaction layer and filter on any data. Process transaction feeds from multiple source core systems and generate a detailed schedule of how interest is applied to an account.

Balance transfers: 

Facilitate Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant transfers — including secure storage and obfuscation of card numbers.

Rewards management: 

Classify any account transactions to a reward point program. Apply tiered reward points to any transaction for your internal rewards program and/or for multiple external reward schemes. Export rewards data to any format and structure for third-party reward schemes.

Facial Recognition

Leverage AI for live verification of a customers passport image or other verified image sources. Detect, identify, analyse and distil facial information including emotion recognition.


Account Servicing module

Enable customers to configure and update their accounts with our Omni-Channel servicing module. Our responsive solutions enable preferences to be managed through either a customer driven mobile app, native app or online portal. Authorise staff or brokers to perform account servicing and preference management through our staff driven portal either over the phone, in branch or in store.

Our Account Servicing module includes: 

  • multi account management
  • product application management
  • complaints management
  • preference management
  • block / unlock cards
  • report lost or stolen cards
  • overseas travel notification.