Genuine Delivery Automation


Traditionally enterprise software design, development and delivery, was a long, costly and resource-intensive affair. But no more! Our robust, secure, scalable and efficient business solutions are cheaper and much quicker to market. However, the real revolution lies in how we do this.

Our universal-automated software platform provides low cost, effective, resource-light configuration lifecycle management. This enables us to produce software outcomes that fit perfectly to your organisations specific needs providing ROI from day one! 

End-to-end project delivery automation

  • user interface testing
  • systems integration testing
  • data management
  • server provisioning & deployments
  • documentation 
  • upgrades

Project management

Your project landscapes are always moving and so are we. Our universal-automated platform leverages domain specific metadata to generate our accelerator modules. Our highly trained Business Analysts, Project Managers and Platform Specialist work with you to configure your fit for purpose enterprise solution for rapid adoption. Each configuration, test and deployment cycle is highly automated enabling exponentially faster iterations to be delivered with minimal disruption.

Our culture of continuous innovation means we are always looking for a better way.

Importantly, our end-to-end automated platform is ready to evolve and leverage the latest technological advances while avoiding the perils of technology debt, thus future proofing your software outcome.  All you need to do is start reaping the immediate benefits of business clarity our software outcomes provide.

Automated user interface testing.

Our metadata approach provides the ability to automatically produce test scripts based on existing functional capabilities.  Metadata contains the rules and behaviours of an application which provides a functional baseline for automated User Interface testing and associated documentation.  

Automated provisioning and deployment

Our cloud provisioning tool allows for immediate automated server provisioning for any module generated by our Clear Dynamics platform.

Leveraging our automated deployment tool enables rapid deployment of our enterprise outcomes while providing fully audited deployments, saved as points in time to enable quick regeneration of ‘builds’.

Automated systems integration testing

Our automated testing pattern assists with Systems Integration Testing using a pre-canned data set and an application controlled outcome. This automated, end-to-end testing process can be executed on demand meaning less manual and human based testing.

Automated data management

Our unique ‘data interceptors’ solutions scale exponentially and overcomes the traditional weakness of managing distributed and complex data sets with high transaction and data volumes. Our ‘data interceptor’ query knows in real-time where to get data from 3rd party data stores. This enables us to leverage large volumes of data at the speed of accessing it on a local PC, irrespective where that data is located.

Empowering banking + finance

Core Finance solutions empower Australia’s leading brands with:

  • billions of dollars transacted
  • millions of accounts serviced
  • thousands of customers onboarded
  • thousands of Core Finance users empowered.
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Working with the team at Clear Dynamics has been a great experience. They take complex, inefficient business processes and very quickly turn them into smart, simple-to-use software solutions. They have made a real difference to our business.

Danielle Ryan Head of Operations & Process Excellence Bank of Queensland