A better way to drive innovation for banking and financial services

Core Finance

Our Core Finance modules are highly configurable, pre-packaged, AI enabled accelerators with production grade support including documentation, test cases, web services, APIs, upgrades and source control management.

Our suite of financial services and banking modules will meet your business requirements faster so you can create, deliver, manage and improve your capability without any further delay. And don’t forget to ask us about our customers’ stunning ROI.

Retail banking + financial services

Core Finance modules provide end-to-end enterprise capability across: 

  • home loans
  • personal loans
  • equipment finance
  • credit and pre-paid cards.

Commercial Banking.

Expand your capability and reduce operational risks with simplified commercial lending, while increasing controls, monitoring and reporting.

  • digital loan application
  • beneficial ownership management
  • party role model management
  • covenants management
  • pricing approval management.

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Retail Banking + Financial Services

Rapidly respond to industry trends using fewer resources to achieve a lower cost of customer acquisition.

  • product configuration
  • customer acquisition
  • omni-channel digital applications
  • decisioning
  • customer onboarding
  • account servicing
  • transaction management.

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Operations Management

Replace end-of-life and inefficient operational systems by leveraging our extensive suite of highly configurable accelerator modules.

  • risk management
  • debt securitisation
  • fraud management
  • case management
  • operations dashboards
  • document management.

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